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5 Cute Ways to Organise Your Mug Collection


5 Cute Ways to Organise Your Mug Collection


The best kitchens are tidy kitchens. However, it can feel difficult to keep things clutter-free when your kitchen is small and your cupboard space is limited. 

Precariously stacking your mugs on top of one another to pack them into the cupboard is one way to stay tidy. It’s also asking for trouble. And it’s also not the definitive answer to an organised kitchen.

Here are 5 savvy mug-storage ideas that will free up space, enhance your kitchen decor and avoid a load of smashed porcelain.


1. Use underbelly shelf hooks


Prevent toppling, stacked mugs by using under-shelf hooks to create more space. If you have too many mugs to cram in the cupboard, hang some on hooks instead.

Choose your cutest mugs to display on the hooks at the front, then stash the others away at the back.

Shelf hooks are easy to come by – you can find them at any home or hardware store. 


2.Make a mug wall


A great alternative to the mug trees of yore, a mug wall turns your kitchen wall into a work of art, You can buy mug rack frames online.

Or you could make one yourself using, for example, the top of an old wooden crate and metal hooks which you hammer into it. 


Mug walls are a great way to display all your prettiest mugs. They look especially gorgeous if the mugs are somewhat uniform or co-ordinating. A series of our beautiful irregular mugs would look stunningly chic on a mug wall display.

3. Embrace open shelving


We’ve talked about the benefits of open kitchen shelves. Open shelving is ideal for the rustic, shabby chic look as it gives the space an organic, lived-in feel. 


You don’t necessarily want to display all your kitchenware (think: dainty, rustic crockery over modern appliances) and mugs fit the bill perfectly.

Floating shelves containing glassware or mugs (stick to one or the other so it looks neater) can make for a cute, inviting space. 

Shelves don’t always have to be the standard wood or plastic either. Opt for something different like wire basket shelves to add a real point of difference to the room.

A series of cute, ceramic mugs on the metal makes an interesting juxtaposition and softens the harshness of the wire.


4.Hide a shelf within a shelf


Strapped for space in your cupboards? Are your cupboards taller than they are wide creating a lot of dead, wasted space? Here’s the solution: freestanding shelf units.

They fit inside your cupboard (with no drilling or hammering required) and automatically double your shelf space.

Place extra mugs on top of the new layer, et voila – suddenly all your mugs securely housed in one cupboard.

5. Use a drinks dresser or console table


It’s like a drinks cabinet/bar area, except for mugs instead of wine and cocktail glasses.

Display your cute mugs behind a window in a kitchen dresser or house them on a mug tree atop a beautifully rustic console table

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