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5 Kitchen Gift Ideas for Domestic Gods and Goddesses


5 Kitchen Gift Ideas for Domestic Gods and Goddesses


When it comes to buying presents, kitchen gifts are sometimes overlooked. But for the keen cook or entertainer, high-quality kitchen items and accessories – like decorative salt and pepper mills or rustic chopping boards – are the ultimate presents. 


Pretty Little Home has a wide range of gorgeous accessories and functional items for the kitchen, all competitively priced, expertly designed and ideal for the shabby chic kitchen. 

1. Classic set of salt and pepper mills


When considering homeware gifts, salt and pepper mills or shakers might not be the first thing that springs to mind. But these kitchen staples make for a pretty and practical (and thrifty!) housewarming/birthday/Christmas gift.


Our classic salt and pepper mill set is traditional-looking and made from wood, while also being super stylish with a sleek finish. The mills come in a range of neutral tones – cream, white or dark/light grey – meaning that they complement most kitchen decor schemes. 


2. Black beaded, raised display board


You may not have considered, or even seen a display board before, but these nifty kitchen accessories help to create pretty focal points and keep things tidy.

Use them as a platform on which to display pot plants, ornaments or framed photos. 


Alternatively, they can be used to hold condiments and bring them to the table. This is especially useful for leaky salt and pepper mills. Rather than the fragments going all over the table – or floor – the board will catch them and stop things getting messy. 

It’s the ultimate decorative and functional gift for house-proud pals.


3. Glass oil drizzlers


Is your friend a keen and house-proud host? If so, it’s unlikely they’ll want their oil on show in the supermarket plastic it came in. Luckily, Pretty Little Home has a divine selection of glass oil and vinegar drizzlers that make condiments look elegant. 

Opt for glass drizzlers with our signature small heart design or ceramic drizzlers featuring the words oil and vinegar.

4. Glass bunny cloche



For the bakers of the world, these cake cloches will be a gift from the gods. Cakes are made to be marvelled at (and then eaten), not stashed away in a dark, old cake tin.


Give your friend the chance to show off their baked goods. Our glass cake cloches look magnificent on a dining room table and will make mouths water (as well as keep flies away). 


Fancy a spot of afternoon tea? Recreate the quintessential British tradition at home with your very own beechwood cake stand.


5. Glass heart snacking station



Know someone who loves entertaining? Ensure they’re the host with the most and gift them something that they and their guests will love. This delightful heart-shaped, glass snacking station makes nibbles that much more exciting.


Snacking stations are the ideal accompaniment to kids’ parties. Fill each cone with an array of sweets or desserts. And once the party’s over, use them as displays for dried flowers, fruits or potpourri. 


. . .


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