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7 Cute Home Accessories to Bring Your House to Life


It’s a new year, a new you and a great time to get sprucing up your home.

We’re not talking about expensive home renovations or splurging on statement sofas, but small, cute home accessories: little additions here and there. 

Sometimes the smallest touches can make the biggest difference. If you’re not in a position to make drastic changes to your interior, opt for beautiful home accessories instead.

Here is a rundown of our favourite accessories for the home to get you inspired.

All accessories are currently available to buy at Pretty Little Home. 

  1. Home is Where the Heart Is Candle

Once man’s only light source, the humble candle has evolved from a necessity to a coveted home accessory.

Scented or unscented, their flickering flames bring ambience and cosiness to a space.

In these dark winter months, create light and warmth and keep the festive glow going a while longer.

Home is Where the Heart Is Candle, £13.95


2.Leaf Candleholder

It’s a well-known fact that being around nature can boost your mental health.

Recreate nature’s details in your home with our beautifully delicate leaf candle holders.

These unique, ceramic creations make for gorgeous centrepieces on dining tables, no matter the season. 

Leaf Candleholder, £12.95

3. Moroccan Mirrors

Bring the bohemian into your home with influences of vibrant North African souks.

These decorative, arabesque-style mirrors come in a set of three.

Open up your room and create the illusion of space by placing them vertically or horizontally adjacent to one another.

If black is too bold for your interior decor, opt for grey instead

Black Moroccan Mirrors, £15.95

4. Wooden Flower Houses

Use natural elements in your home where possible to instil a sense of calm.

Turn your home into a sanctuary with flowers and little wooden huts to stand them in.

Our wooden flower huts showcase stems in their natural, raw form. Use the flower homes to accessorise mantel pieces or side tables. 

Wooden Flower House, £9.95

5. Tea, Sugar and Coffee Canisters

Storage pots can make all the difference in the kitchen.

Replacing unsightly plastic packaging and storing your dried goods in pots will keep your kitchen looking smart, especially if there’s no room in the cupboards and they need to be out on the surface.

Our storage pots are sold as a set of three and come with cute, hand-designed detailing.

White Hearts and Dots Canisters, £34.95

Black Polka Dot Canisters, £34.95

6. Whitewash rattan tray

Bring your loved ones their breakfast in bed in style.

Turf out those mismatching, cracked, plastic trays and opt for something a little more luxurious.

A practical, yet beautiful home accessory, these gorgeous trays – reminiscent of the beachy house porches of American coastal towns – allow you to carry goods from room to room with ease.

Whitewash rattan tray, £55

7. Elm Wood Bench

Somewhere between furniture and a home accessory, these benches add a touch of luxury to any room.

Known for its strength due to the interlocking grain – not to mention its beauty – elm wood is often a sought-after choice for furniture.

These benches are great for displaying ornaments or even as extra storage in the bathroom.

Elm Wood Bench, £120


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