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Cross Leg Tables: A Buying Guide


Cross Leg Tables: A Buying Guide

The cross leg table is overtaking the conventional four-legged table in the popularity stakes.

Its durability and artisanal look make it the perfect piece of furniture for shabby chic kitchens, living and dining rooms the country over. 

Whether it’s a dinner or coffee table, the cross leg design comes with a host of benefits. 


What are cross leg tables?


Generally, cross leg tables comprise one X shape on each underside which, in turn, form two triangles. But sometimes there are several interlocking beams creating several triangles across the underside of the table. 

This leg style can be applied to tables of any function. Pretty Little Home stocks a beautifully rustic, rectangular Taupe Cross Leg Coffee Table made from reclaimed pine wood, as well as a side table to match. We also have our classic, white Cross Leg Hamptons Side Table.

If it’s specifically the hamptons style you want to replicate, take a look at our article dedicated to hamptons-style tables here

Why are cross leg tables popular?


Cross leg tables come with a few advantages compared to tables with a leg at each corner. 


  • Cross leg tables are roomier


Firstly, the indent of the X-shaped table legs allows for more legroom than tables with a straight leg at each corner. This obviously applies more to dining tables than it does cross leg coffee tables. For dining or tables that regularly seat large parties, a cross leg structure helpfully ensures those on the ends won’t be knocking their knees on the legs. 


  • Cross beams mean a sturdier table


Secondly, the two X-shapes of the crossed legs act as a cross brace and mean these tables are structurally sturdier than a table with vertical legs. 


In architectural terms, the triangle is the strongest shape and is common in building supports. The cross-brace design prevents a structure from wobbling and increases stiffness. 


So, if your coffee table is going to be a platform for heavy books or delicate, water-filled vases, a cross leg option might be the better choice for you.


  • More unique


Finally, as cross leg coffee tables, side tables and dining tables are a deviation from the conventional four table legs, they will always be distinctive and more interesting. There’s something eye-catching and beautiful about the cross leg table design.

What interior styles do cross leg tables suit?


Cross leg tables are versatile pieces of furniture. What interior styles they suit all depends on the colour, finish and materials of the table.


Solid, hardwood tables work well in farmhouse-style settings which are brought to life by natural, organic materials. 


Similarly, a distressed or genuine vintage cross leg coffee table is at home in a rustic, shabby chic-style home. (For more on the shabby chic trend and what it encompasses, take a look at our dedicated article.)


Minimal, Scandi-style home decor lends itself to metal-base or glass-topped tables and metal with distressed paintwork is perfect for contemporary kitchens with an industrial decor scheme.


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