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How to Create a Shabby Chic Home on a Budget


How to Create a Shabby Chic Home on a Budget

Of all the interior design styles, shabby chic is the most economical. The entire aesthetic revolves around finding the balance between broken-down and beautiful – hence the name shabby chic.

This is good news for anyone looking to decorate on a budget.

Shabby chic interiors are built around vintage, pre-owned or faux vintage pieces (take a look at Pretty Little Home’s selection of shabby chic, vintage-inspired furniture).

While vintage has become a word open to interpretation, when it comes to nailing the shabby chic look, vintage does not have to mean expensive antiques. 


So, how can you create a shabby chic interior style on a budget? Well, here are some of our suggestions:

Visit markets and discount shops for shabby chic delights

When it comes to shabby chic, one man’s trash really is another man’s treasure: ie. a second-hand, old, worn wardrobe could be the perfect addition to your rustic bedroom.

Flea markets, car boot sales and charity shops are all treasure troves of shabby chic bargains. 

Don’t have time to traipse round shops? Facebook marketplace or local online groups are also goldmines when it comes to shabby chic pieces for your home.

Often, because sellers want to get rid of something quickly, you can swipe large pieces of furniture for very little (and sometimes for free, and with delivery thrown in – if you’re really lucky). 

Not sold on the second-hand thing? Pretty Little Home stocks hand-designed, new but distressed pieces that give the impression of age.

Get crafty: turn the shabby into the chic


Sure, sometimes discount store items can look a bit too shabby (or cheap). But this is when it’s time to get creative.

Sanding, painting, cutting, dressing, adding embellishments can take a piece of furniture from drab to dazzling.  

Whitewashed furniture is one of the hallmarks of the shabby chic style, an old dresser is simple, cheap and doesn’t require you to be an artist.

White paint can be bought from any home improvement shop or garden centre (eg. Homebase or B&Q). 

Adding embellishments is another way to turn basic, functional homewares into beautiful, decorative pieces to be proud of. Take bathroom mirrors, for example. A simple, cheap, plain mirror can become a piece of sea-inspired art when you add shells, rope and beads. 

Choose fake over fresh

Yes, fresh flowers are wonderful in the home, but they aren’t the most cost-effective. For something that only lasts a few days before it has to be thrown away, a bunch of flowers is an expensive way to decorate your home.

To bring long-lasting flower power into your shabby chic abode, opt for faux flowers. Our selection of faux stems – like our Faux Santolina bunch – are so realistic and pretty that guests will be none the wiser. 

Cheap vases are easy to come by too, but if you’re looking for something special and statement, check out our Large Glass Botanical Vase which is just as alluring as the flowers it contains.  


. . .

Shop a variety of shabby chic-inspired homewares at Pretty Little Home and follow us on Instagram for great home inspiration @pretty_little_home.

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