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Introducing our new Stool collection…


Introducing our new Stool collection…

Welcome back to our blog, I thought it would be great to show you our new stool collection in more detail.

When we had these stools designed back in the Spring of 2020, I knew that the website needed its own collection of stools, I personally think they are a great item that every home should have. They can be so versatile, and you can move them to different rooms and style them however you like.

We wanted to not only offer beautiful stools, but we also wanted to ensure they stood the test of time, like everything we offer here at Pretty Little Home. We worked really closely with the factory and decided to use Elm wood and Oak, to ensure the best quality and longevity of our products.

The factory that we work with use high end materials for all of their products, so they were keen to suggest the best materials for the stools. In total we have 8 new designs, and we hope to add more throughout the year, bringing in new designs and colour-ways.

As the first collection of our stools were to be launched in the Autumn, we went for rustic browns and greys to see in the new season. Once the designs were approved, the process of having them made began. The factory always keeps in close communication and update us regularly with photos and timings for shipment.

The stools have all been hand made, and each quality checked individually before they were loaded onto the shipping container. The process is quite lengthy, but its really worth it when they turn up, and you can see all the hard work has paid off!

Once loaded, it can take around 3 months for the container to arrive in the UK.  The photos below are the stools arriving at our warehouse.

After the task of unloading and unpacking the goods into our warehouse, it was then time to photograph them and add them to our website.

I hope that you love them as much as we do, they can be used so many different ways. I personally love to use the smaller stools as table or worktop stools, you can create different heights to your work surface, add condiments or a candle to create a display. You can change them up during seasons and create Autumn or even Christmas displays with them.

The larger stool would work really well as a bedside table, simple but beautiful. We also added a bench to the collection, these look beautiful at the end of the bed, or add it into your bathroom or hallway.


I will be showing these styled in different ways, so keep following us to see how you could use one in your own home. View our collection on the link below.

Lots of love, Jenny x

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