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Recreate the Hamptons with Hamptons Coffee Tables and Side Tables


A series of affluent, coastal towns at the end of Long Island, New York, The Hamptons is a popular holiday destination on America’s Eastern Seaboard.

It’s also synonymous with a specific beachy interior style. The area is awash with cute, sea-inspired homes.

Light and airy interiors; bare wood or white-washed floors and furniture; and nautical white and blue schemes are the order of the day here. 

Luckily, you don’t have to be a wealthy, East-coast American to recreate this calm and relaxed aesthetic.

Our range of Hamptons coffee tables and side tables allow you to bring beach vibes into your home – whether you live in Cornwall or Carlisle. 


What are Hamptons coffee tables?

Typically, Hamptons-style furniture is the ultimate balance of contemporary and rustic; relaxed and formal.

Clean lines, solid wood and light colours are the hallmarks of Hamptons coffee tables.

They come in an array of styles from minimal wood and iron frames to more decorative with shutter drawers or glass tops. What you go for is up to you. 

Here at Pretty Little Home, we have a variety of Hamptons-style coffee tables, side tables and console tables to suit all tastes and interior schemes. But first, which is which?


What’s the difference between a coffee table, a side table and a console table?

A coffee table is what it sounds like – a table for your drinks, therefore it’s usually placed centrally in a living area, within reach of the sofa and consequently low to the ground. 

A side (or end) table similarly complements a sofa or chair except it sits next to, and is the same height as the arms. 

A console table is a little different and stands alone. Console tables are usually positioned up against a wall or behind a sofa and can be as tall as a desk.

They are predominantly a decorative piece of furniture or used for displaying ornaments or flowers. 

Our favourite Hamptons coffee tables

Large White Glass Hamptons Coffee Table

Good for larger spaces, this white hamptons table screams beach hut with an elegant edge.

Featuring a glass top, cross-detailing and oodles of storage beneath, it helps keep your space serene and clear of clutter.


Taupe Cross Leg Coffee Table

Bare wood or natural colours are in keeping with the Hamptons theme.

This cross leg coffee table makes for a minimalistic, uncomplicated, natural-looking space. Its design is simple but interesting with the cross legs beneath the surface.

What’s more, it’s the environmentally conscious choice, being made entirely out of reclaimed pine wood. 


Our favourite Hamptons console and side tables

Cross Leg Hampton Side Table

The sea has a naturally calming effect – sea air and the sounds of crashing waves are well-known sleep aids.

But if you don’t live near the coast, use sea-inspired furniture in the bedroom to create a similar soothing environment.

As a pair of bedside tables, these white Hamptons side tables inspire calm.

Black Hamptons Console Table

Yes we did just say that light colours are the hallmark of Hamptons style… However, a black console table in a room of neutral and light tones can act as a chic accent to the space. 


For more Hamptons-inspired homewares, shop our full furniture range here


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