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The Shabby Chic Bedroom: How to Create a Peaceful Sanctuary


The Shabby Chic Bedroom: How to Create a Peaceful Sanctuary


The shabby chic aesthetic infuses French countryside chic, vintage-inspired furniture and a neutral colour scheme.

Calming and delicate as an interior style, it’s the perfect scheme for a tranquil bedroom.

So how to achieve the shabby chic interior style in the bedroom? Here are a few tips:


Choose white bed linen

A pale colour palette is one of the distinguishing features of shabby chic style.

Pale colours or white are known to induce calm – perfect then for bedrooms where you want to feel as relaxed as possible.

For good sleep hygiene, choose white sheets. White bed linen is timeless and always looks clean, whereas a heavily patterned or bold-coloured quilt can make a bedroom feel overwhelmed – not ideal when you’re trying to get a restful night’s sleep.


Add decorative elements to the bed

Give your bedroom the patina of old-world, French charm with a four-poster bed.

This doesn’t have to mean out-of-place opulence. You can opt for a sleek, simple and white four-poster bedstead.

But if you want to add a bit of luxury, introduce sheer cotton curtains on the frame. 

Alternatively, a vintage headboard can completely transform any bed into a shabby chic masterpiece. Pick one up from any flea market or second-hand store for true antique allure. 


Go coastal


The shabby chic and beach house design styles go hand in hand. Faded or weathered furniture captures the essence of beach life and naturally creates a calming atmosphere. 


Channel the charm of The Hamptons with Pretty Little Home’s gorgeous, Hamptons-inspired furniture. Our beautifully-finished side tables are reminiscent of charming coastal abodes and are ready and waiting to hold your morning mug of coffee or stack of bedtime reading.

Consider white-washed, bare wooden floors which are perfect for a coastal-inspired, shabby chic bedroom.

If your room is already carpeted, instead think about layering knotted, nautical-style rugs on top.

Use distressed furniture to create a rustic boudoir

The bedroom is the perfect place for sumptuous, distressed furniture.

Synonymous with the shabby chic interior style, vintage or vintage-inspired furniture creates the illusion of a time-worn elegance.

Stylishly store your clothes and accessories with Pretty Little Home’s gorgeous Hamptons Side Table. Hand-crafted and exuding old-world charm, this side table creates a statement in any bedroom. 

Don’t forget lighting


The shabby chic aesthetic is bright and airy, relaxing and comfortable, making it perfect for bedrooms.

No need to worry though if you don’t have a bedroom bathed in natural light.

Strategically placed lamps and mirrors can help. It’s a well-known fact that mirrors can help expand a space, but did you know that placing a mirror next to a light source – either a window or a lamp – can add extra brightness to the room? Enhance your shabby chic bedroom with one of our stunning mirror sets – which will also give you a place to sort out that morning bedhead. 

. . .


For more shabby chic home styling tips, follow us on Instagram @pretty_little_home. 

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