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5 Reasons You Need Candles in Your Home


5 Reasons You Need Candles in Your Home

Now autumn is now well and truly underway, it’s time to get snug. And what better way to create a warming, cosy environment than with candles dotted about your home. 


At Pretty Little Home, we have a number of candles and candle holders that’ll cheer on the chilly months in style.


But did you know that candles in the home come with a host of unexpected benefits? Read on to find out more. 



1. Candles are an excellent stress reliever


Burning candles can reduce stress and anxiety. Aromatherapy candles for instance, are made with therapeutic essential oils which trigger the limbic system (where we experience emotions). And generally, scented candles soothe.  


But aside from scent, the candle’s flame is also important. Ambient candle light helps induce calm. Staring at the flickering light of a burning candle has been proven to produce alpha waves in the brain – the same waves produced during meditation. In fact, many guided meditations incorporate the practice of staring into the candle’s flame for this very reason. 

2.They’re a source of light in the dark times

…Figuratively and literally. With talk of power cuts this winter, we’re going to need to ensure we have a light source. Yes, ok, torches are a thing, but we don’t necessarily want to be wielding a torch for several hours.


Power cut or not power cut, living by candle light for a few hours here and there means a beautiful home filled with warm, ambient, natural light – and a reduced energy bill.


Our multi candlestick sets make this easy. And if you don’t want to burn all at once, opt to store them neatly in one of our nifty candlestick jars

3.They enhance a celebration


Candles are synonymous with Christmas. There’s no denying that candles at the Christmas dinner table create a distinctive atmosphere of warmth, celebration and togetherness. 


But don’t just save them for December 25th. Candle sticks at the table in our gorgeous embossed holders will bring a sense of specialness to a simple dinner party. 


Dot them along rectangular tables, or gather them in the centre of rounded ones.


4.Candles increase focus


Did you know that candles have the power to help you concentrate? In the attention economy, staying focussed is becoming harder than ever. 


You may have tried app timers, the Pomodoro method, or any number of techniques to help you concentrate. But have you tried candles? 


As we’ve previously discussed, candles help induce calm and positive feelings – which, in turn, help us feel more motivated.


But also, specific scents from scented candles affect the mind in different, positive ways. Rosemary, cinnamon, mint, orange, and lemon, for example, are known to stimulate and help with concentration.


5.They improve sleep hygiene 

And talking of the attention economy, do you find yourself scrolling on your smartphone before bed? This can negatively affect your sleep patterns, and your mental health as a result. 


Your smartphone’s blue light restricts the production of melatonin, which we need for sleep (unfortunately,‘night mode’ doesn’t help much either.)


What does help? Candle light. Switching off all devices, turning off lights and living by candlelight for just 30 minutes before bed, can help reset your circadian rhythm. If you’re suffering with jet lag, or general insomnia, a candle before bed might just be the trick! 


. . .


Shop all Pretty Little Home’s candles and candle holders here. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for some great home styling tips and tricks! @Pretty_little_home

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