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Welcome to our brand new premium subscription box, these are available to a limited amount of our customers to be apart of this special and exclusive subscription service.

If you love our products, packaging and general shopping experience and would love a little surprise treat every month these boxes are certainly for you.

What’s in the box?

You can expect to receive an assortment of Pretty Little Home products inside your box at a wholesale price, so you will be getting far more for your money!

The contents of the boxes range from seasonal goods to a mixture of our homeware ranges throughout the year, keeping you up with the best trends/decor and styling accessories.

No two boxes will ever be the same, and everything is chosen and designed by us and given to you at a highly discounted price for being a subscriber.

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  • IMG_9676.jpg?w=683&h=1024&scale

Save up to 50% with our monthly subscription!*

Our monthly subscription

A handpicked selection of retail goods at a discounted prices

Unique home decor each month

Effortless styling with minimum effort

Free priority shipping as a subscriber over the order value of £30

Exclusive, limited edition designs made just for our subscribers not available for purchase on our website

Discount codes exclusively for subscribers


Only £37.98 on the 1st of each month

You can cancel any time

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  • “I signed up for the monthly subscription...”

    I signed up for the monthly subscription box and received my first one today and I am delighted. The products all come beautifully packaged and are of extremely great quality and you definitely get a lot more for your money in the subscription box. I already can’t wait for next months box to be delivered now and it’s a nice way to treat yourself especially if you love buying lovely bits for your home like me! Can’t recommend enough :heart:

    Elizabeth, 17 February 2023

  • “Subscription Box!!!”

    This is my first subscription box and was really looking forward to my surprise items! It didn’t disappoint and packaged with such care. I just need to find where to put it all!! Also good communication through emails. Look forward to next month’s box. Thank you Pretty Little Home x

    Charlotte R, 12 March 2023

  • “I love the subscription box...”

    I love the subscription box it’s my treat to myself every month and so far I have loved every single item

    Claire B, 04 April 2023

  • “Love this business”

    Love this business. I decided to sign up for subscription and wow! Been so happy. lovely products

    Anna Jones, 12 April 2023

  • “My monthly subscription box arrived...”

    My monthly subscription box arrived with lots of beautiful products. Such great value, I received 4 items and all are now placed on display. Love this concept.

    Mel Harris, 04 April 2023

Our previous subscription boxes

Have a look back through our previous boxes to see the beautiful products we’ve bundled together!

  • IMG_5996-2.jpeg?w=682&h=1024&scale

    August's Subscription Box

    August's Subscription Box

    Take a look at what was inside August's subscription box, included in this box was:
    • 1 x Glass pumpkin jar
    • 1 x glass candle holder
    • 1 x chunky round paulownia display board
    • 1 x White rustic stand
    • 4 x mini stone resin pumpkins
    • 1 x pack candles
    The RRP of August's box was £81.23
  • julIMG_5492.jpeg?w=682&h=1024&scale

    July's Subscription Box

    July's Subscription Box

    Take a look at what was inside July's subscription box, included in this box was:
    • 4 x Irregular summer mugs
    • 1 x wooden chopping board
    • 1 x glass storage jar
    The RRP of July's box was £69.86
  • IMG_2454-2.jpg?w=683&h=1024&scale

    April's Subscription Box

    April's Subscription Box

    Take a look at what was inside April's subscription box, included in this box was:
    • 1 x Chunky wooden stand
    • 1 x Glass heart jar
    • 1 x set glass soap dispensers
    • 1 x şet ceramic apple and pear set
    The RRP of April's box was £79.92
  • IMG_2458-2.jpg?w=683&h=1024&scale

    March's Subscription Box

    March's Subscription Box

    Take a look at what was inside March's subscription box, included in this box was:
    • Set 3 ornate mirrors
    • 1 x Tall Stoneware mug
    • 1x Tall Glass bunny cake stand
    • 1 x glass polka dot candle holder/bud vase
    • 2 x pack 12 dinner candles
    • 1 x exclusive subscriber 20% discount voucher.
    The RRP of December's box was £64.96.
  • IMG_1511-2.jpg?w=683&h=1024&scale

    February's Subscription Box

    February's Subscription Box

    Take a look at what was inside January's subscription box, included in this box was:
    • 1 x Large wooden chopping board
    • 2 x Glass spray bottles
    • 1 x Glass bunny cloche
    • 1 x Glass biscuit jar
    The RRP of January's box was £91.80
  • IMG_1018.jpg?w=683&h=1024&scale

    January's Subscription Box

    January's Subscription Box

    Take a look at what was inside January's subscription box, included in this box was:
    • 1 x spice rack
    • 1 x glass teapot
    • 1 x glass honey pot
    • 1 x glass mug
    The RRP of January's box was £75.79.
  • IMG_0978.jpg?w=683&h=1024&scale

    December's Subscription Box

    December's Subscription Box

    Take a look at what was inside December's subscription box, included in this box was:
    • 2 x glass mugs
    • 1 x glass gonk jar
    • 1 x set 3 heart spoons
    • 1 x large glass 'candlelight' candle holder
    • 1 x pack 12 dinner candles
    • 1 x exclusive subscriber 15% discount voucher.
    The RRP of December's box was £69.93.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is there a minimum payment term?

    No there is no minimum payment term you can cancel at any point.

  • Can I cancel and how do I?

    Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, there is no minimum term to your subscription, you can log onto your account on our website can cancel your subscription from your account dashboard.

  • Can I return my box or exchange the contents inside?

    The boxes are non refundable and the contents cannot be changed once sent out, we will not send duplicate products.

    If anything inside your box is damaged it will be replaced, just send us an email within 2 days of receiving your subscription box.

  • Payment was taken on the 1st when will I receive my box?

    Payments are taken on the 1st of the month and the boxes will be dispatched before or on the 15th the same month, this allows us to confirm your payments have been successful and get the boxes out to you in ample time.

    If your order is placed after the 1st of the month, payments will be taken the first of the following month and delivered the same month as payment was made.

  • Cancelled subscriptions

    Once a subscription payment is taken the parcel will be delivered, we cannot issue refunds on subscriptions once the payment has been received, your welcome to cancel it the following month.

    All perks along with our subscription service will be removed when the subscriptions are cancelled, such as priority shipping as standard and free priority shipping over £30.

  • Subscription Price Changes

    Price Changes

    If increases or decreases are made to the price of a subscription service you will be informed one month before doing so with an informational leaflet inside your subscription parcel the previous month. Customers will also be welcome to cancel the subscription should you fail to cancel it before your renewal date if the subscription has been cancelled, our subscription service is no fixed term it can be cancelled at anytime.

    Different Subscription rates

    There will be a discrepancy in pricing for subscription boxes depending on your location, as the box is a very small profit box pricing is dependent on your shipping location, for example its more to send to Ireland than mainland uk therefore subscribers from Mainland Ireland norther Ireland or locations such as these can expect to pay a additional cost on their subscription to accommodate these costs.

    None of these costs are added additional and the sign up price is the price of your box, there are no other hidden costs but please be aware if your subscription is £43.98 instead of £37.98 this will be the why.

  • Priority Shipping

    Mainland UK customers will receive free priority shipping on orders over £30 and priority shipping as standard on all orders below £30 but this will be paid for at a rate of £5.95.

    Customers from Europe/Channel Islands/Norther Ireland/Republic of Ireland will not be subject to priority shipping due to high postage costs and not being able to send parcels next day too these locations. we are working on a solution for this where it will be offered

  • Can I track my order and how will it be delivered?

    Subscriptions will arrive with DPD and you will be notified when your order is on the way, you can request it be left in a safe place or with a neighbour if you’re not going to be home.

  • My friend's contents are not the same as mine?

    We will always send the same products in each box but the colour variations may vary depending on the stock we have of each design. On occasions if stock is not available we may use a different product in a subscription box to replace the item which is currently out of stock.

  • I missed my delivery can the box be sent back out?

    If DPD have not attempted delivery or left the parcel at a incorrect location we will take care of any postage costs.

    If a Parcel has not been accepted or failed at the delivery address or not collected from a DPD pickup shop we will charge for a re delivery fee, the box is a very small profit box and we cannot cover postage costs once a delivery has already been attempted successfully.

  • Item arrived damaged?

    Please email at [email protected] and we will rectify this for you immediately.

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