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6 Secret Advantages to Using Mirrors in Your Decor


6 Secret Advantages to Using Mirrors in Your Decor


Mirrors aren’t (just) for checking yourself out.


Yes they’re a necessity in modern-day life, but for a number of reasons mirrors are also the key to making your home a happier space.


Here’s how mirrors can transform your home interior.

  1. Mirrors create the illusion of space


By reflecting the open space of the room, mirrors can make a room seem bigger than it is. They’re perfect, then, if you live in a cramped apartment or have a room that feels particularly small. 


If one large mirror isn’t feasible, you can place identical mirrors side by side or vertically from one another. Our mirror sets expertly help narrow hallways feel roomier.

  1. Mirrors brighten rooms


Mirrors maximise the lighting in a space through their reflection. This goes for both artificial and natural lighting. 


Placing a mirror across from a light source – either a window or a lamp – will enhance its brightness. It’s a particularly nifty trick for rooms that don’t get much natural light.


The more light we receive (especially sunlight), the more serotonin we produce and the happier we will be in our homes. 


  1. Mirrors can serve as statement pieces


Large mirrors with unusual or decorative frames can create mesmerising focal points. Place them in visually prominent spots such as above mantelpieces, tables or beds.


What’s more, mirrors don’t always need to be mounted on the wall. A tall, slender mirror leaned up against a wall gives a quirky and bohemian feel to a space. A smaller round mirror propped on a side table serves as a beautiful ornament in its own right. 

  1. Mirrors offer security


On a more practical note, while they’re no replacement for security cameras, mirrors can help keep your home secure. 


In the same way that half dome mirrors are used in shops to keep an eye on suspicious customers, mirrors in the home enable visibility. Mirrors help you see around corners or through doorways, if you ever need to (though we hope you don’t).

  1. Mirrors hide a multitude of (wall) sins


Like hanging paintings and photographs, mirrors are masters of disguising unsightly imperfections on walls. Stains, holes, discolourations, you can hide them all behind a large, beautiful mirror and no one will ever be any the wiser. 

  1. They’re there when you need a final check

Yes, mirrors are more than just a reflection-checking device. But checking your reflection is still necessary, especially before that big interview or date. 


Hang a mirror in the hallway near the front door and you’ll save yourself time if you need to do one last hair / teeth / makeup check. (And you’ll save yourself the embarrassment of turning up to an important meeting with spinach in your teeth.)


. . .


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