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New Year, New Decor: 5 Goals to Set for Your Home in 2023


New Year, New Decor: 5 Goals to Set for Your Home in 2023


The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to start revamping your home. In January, after the festivities have died down and Dry January / Veganuary takes hold, people tend to lay low for the month.


It’s therefore a great opportunity to focus your energy on your home. And we have the homewares to help you.


 Whether it’s a big home renovation project, or a few simple changes, start the year as you mean to go on – with an interior that you love. 

  1. Declutter

Messy home, messy mind. Reducing clutter helps not only with productivity and focus but also with self-esteem. A cluttered, disorganised environment can leave you feeling out of control, whereas an organised space helps you feel competent. 


Decluttering is also physically healthier for you – less stuff means less dust, less chance of mould, mildew and pests – all of which can contribute to asthma and allergies. 


We recommend getting rid of anything you haven’t used in a year. And anything that doesn’t need to be on show, hide away. 


PLH has an array of accessories to keep your home tidy. From stackable storage jars to side boards with ample storage room, we know how to keep your bits and pieces safe but out of the way.

  1. Try something new


For many, the start of a new year heralds change. We’re all afraid of it but change is crucial for our growth and is what helps us thrive. 


If making huge life changes seems too overwhelming right now, start by trying something new in your home instead.


A statement wall in a colour you’ve never considered before, or a new sofa or coffee table in a different style feels exciting – it’ll give you the drive to tackle other changes too.

Taupe Coffee Table - Cross Legs

  1. Go eco


There is no time like the present to adopt more sustainable practices at home. We’ve written before about cutting back on plastic in your home, and we have a number of items to help you on your way.


Our reusable glass soap dispensers and long-lasting storage jars (which you can take to specific stores and refill with dried goods – see above article link), all help in your journey to creating a more eco-friendly home. 

  1. Embrace an interior theme


Here at Pretty Little Home, we love all things shabby chic. It’s an enduring interior’s trend having started officially in the 80s. But it’s been an accidental ‘style’ long before that. 


(More on the shabby chic interiors style, here.)


  1. Refresh your ornaments


Out with the old, in with the new! A fresh collection of decorative items can make a huge difference to your home (and headspace!).


Use the start of a new year to finally do away with tired ornaments. Replace mismatching mugs with a brand new sparkling set of elegant glass mugs or chipped, old chopping boards with – for example – this gorgeous, engraved one

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