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Unwrap Homeware Bliss: A Christmas Guide for Enthusiasts


Unwrap Homeware Bliss: A Christmas Guide for Enthusiasts

Indulge the homeware enthusiast in your life with curated treasures that transform spaces into havens of style and warmth.

1. Double Wall Glass Mugs

A perfect simple gift to give this Christmas,  our Double Wall Glass Mugs. Each piece is a canvas of unique artworks with different shapes and moulds to choose from, presented individually in white boxes for a pleasant gifting experience. Choose from our range of pretty mugs, colourful designs and unique shapes to make every sip a delightful experience for yourself, receiver or why not both.

2. Ceramic Snacking Stations

Celebrate together this Christmas with our Ceramic Snacking Stations. A wooden stand with detachable heart-shaped ceramic cones, perfect for sharing treats during movie nights or social gatherings. These stands are the perfect accessory around the home all year round, if sitting down relaxing watching a moving and socialising is for you, these products are a must. Individually boxes making a perfect gift all year round and sold as a range to add to and gift throughout the year.

3. Stainless Steel Heart Spoons

Gift simple sophistication with our Stainless Steel Heart Spoons, available in black or stainless steel. Crafted with quality stainless steel, these spoons are a cute and affordable delight. Perfect for stirring joy into every cup, to complete the look why not add one of our pretty mugs.

4. Coffee Station

Craft a personalised Coffee Station using our raised display boards, bamboo jars, and ceramic mugs. Transform everyday rituals into moments of delight for the homeware connoisseur. Create a cosy corner for coffee lovers, which will be cherished as a gift which they truly use day in and out.

5. Styling Trays

For the ultimate home stylist, our Styling Trays are essential. Perfect for showcasing vases, canisters, seasonal displays, and ornaments. Elevate the art of styling with these versatile trays. A must-have for those who appreciate curating beautiful vignettes, centre pieces and cute corners around the home.

6. A Pretty Mug

Explore our range of Pretty Mugs, from single-wall glass to large double-wall mugs, seasonal delights to ceramic wonders. Each mug is a masterpiece, adding charm to every sip. Find the perfect mug to suit every mood and style preference, if you are not sure on which mug to choose to a a read of our blog post on, our 10 favourite pretty mugs.

7. Glass Snacking Station

The  Glass Snacking Station, whilst similar to the ceramic snacking station we sell the glass version is more durable, versatile, and perfect for desserts and cocktails whilst still offering the same snacking features of ceramic. Elevate your entertaining game with this stylish alternative to our classic ceramic version, the perfect Christmas gift.

8. 3 Piece Mirrors

Discover our 3 Piece Mirrors, a set of affordable gifts finished in branded white boxes. Easily hang these mirrors on walls to add a touch of elegance to any space. A reflection of style for the homeware enthusiast and a great present to make a simple change in your home decor.

9. Candle Holders

Illuminate the season with our Candle Holders. From embossed designs to multi-heart motifs, our glass candle holders add a warm glow to any room. Stylish storage meets aesthetic appeal for the candle lover in your life this Christmas, with something for everyone with our glass candle holders , screw top candle holders or metal candle lidded storage units.

10. Double Wall Glasses

Unveil the magic of our Double Wall Glasses, featuring pretty and coluorful designs. A perfect blend of style and function, these glasses make a statement whether you’re sipping hot cocoa or enjoying a refreshing beverage the double wall insulated glasses make for a unique addition to your cute mug collection.

This Christmas, gift the joy of homeware elegance. Each item in our collection is thoughtfully designed to spark delight and add a touch of magic to the homes of enthusiasts. To see our full range of unique homeware head over to pretty little home.

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