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Why a Gift Box Makes All the Difference


Did you know that Brits spend 31 million hours wrapping presents? Wrapping gifts for Christmas – or indeed any occasion – is an absolute time zapper. And time is something we all feel we need more of, especially in the lead up to Christmas!

Just think, all those wrapping hours could be spent enjoying time with family or friends or relaxing during the Christmas period after a busy work year – if you opt for gift boxes, that is.

Pretty Little Home’s gift boxes are gorgeous, high-quality and will save you hours. They come in a range of sizes and with a hidden magnetic seal. 

If you’re unsure about the gift itself, have a browse of our delectable Christmas gift sets, perfect for homeware lovers. Also check out our Christmas gift ideas article for inspiration!

Aside from being excellent time savers, why else are gift boxes the way forward? Here are five reasons why you should forgo wrapping paper this year:

1. Gift boxes are always impossibly elegant

Whether placed under the tree or handed to a colleague, friend or family member, a gift box looks special. 

You may be a master wrapper, but – we hate to say it – a gift box will always surpass your wrapping skills. There’s no denying that items presented in gift boxes automatically seem high value, high quality, unique and exciting. 

2. Gift boxes are reliable

Sturdy and strong, gift boxes protect items better than hand-wrapped presents in paper. Of course, if you’re placing items in a gift box yourself, you’ll want to make sure the items are secure and don’t have an abundance of space around them.

Top tip: Use filler – such as shredded paper – to place around and under items in boxes. If you’re gifting a large number of corporate gifts, we recommend buying bulk filler online, but if you’re simply packaging personal Christmas gifts, repurposing old paper in the home is a great eco-friendly option.

All our gift sets come in quality, protective boxes. If you’re purchasing breakables like mugs or glasses, we take great care to ensure they reach you in tip top condition.

3. Gift boxes are reusable 

An exquisitely packaged gift set from a retailer looks amazing, but there’s no reason you can’t repurpose it afterwards and use it again year on year. 

Because gift boxes are sturdy, they’re also excellent storage boxes. Depending on the size of the box, they can be used again to store homeware when moving house for instance.

4. Wrapping presents is a pain

As we’ve established, present-wrapping is time consuming, but it’s also a drag for a multitude of other reasons!

As this survey from Statista shows, present-wrapping gripes range from needing multiple bits before you can even begin (tape, scissors, paper, ribbon etc) to the fact that they never look quite as good as a professionally-wrapped present, or a – yep you’ve guessed it – a gift box!

. . .

So give yourself a break this Christmas and choose simple, effortless gifting. Pretty Little Home sells individual gift boxes in classic and stylish black and white (as well as gift bags). 

But if you really want to gift something special, our gift sets are guaranteed to put a smile on your loved ones’ faces come Christmas morning!

All our items in gift set bundles are discounted from their usual retail price, so grab a bargain! Happy shopping!

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