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Why Go Faux: 11 Reasons Faux Stems Are Better Than the Real Thing


Why Go Faux: 11 Reasons Faux Stems Are Better Than the Real Thing

Have you ever admired a beautiful bouquet of flowers, only to be disappointed in three days when you have to throw it away? Likely then, you’ll know the frustration of fresh flowers. 

Past generations have dismissed artificial plants as being twee or tacky, but faux stems and flowers have come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days of shiny, papery plants reserved for shopping centres or doctor surgeries’ waiting areas. Today, faux foliage is much higher quality than it once was, and incredibly realistic. 

Take our faux santolina bunch for instance, would you have any idea that it wasn’t natural? 

When it comes to bringing your home to life, you have the option of gorgeous fake flowers that expertly emulate the real thing. 

So why go faux? Here are 11 reasons you should choose faux stems and flowers over fresh bouquets

1. They last


The first and obvious answer is their lifespan. Made from synthetic materials, a fake flower is just like any other ornament for your home in that, unless it breaks, there’s no use-by date. You can admire your faux stems until you get bored of them.


2.  They bring colour and vivacity


One of the biggest reasons decorators lavish interiors with plants and flowers is due to colour. The natural world is beautiful and plantlife can enliven a room, but so can items that skillfully replicate it. 


3. They don’t smell or create a mess


A real bunch of flowers in a vase will eventually wilt, shed its leaves and start to smell. At which point, it’s destined for the bin.


Avoid this sorry state of affairs by going faux. Faux stems do none of the above and will remain gorgeous, lively-looking and without whiff, well, forever!

4. They’re low maintenance


Are you the person that always exclaims ‘oh, I can’t get a plant, I always kill them’. If so, artificial flowers are for you.


You don’t need to remind yourself to water them; or worry about how much water is too much (yes, most people kill plants by overwatering); or fret about sunlight. You also won’t need to pick up after a dying, shedding plant or drooping vase of fresh flowers.

5. They’re cheaper


If you’ve ever bought a last-minute bouquet of flowers from a train station on Mother’s Day, you’ll have paid the – eye-wateringly high – price. Even when the emergency florists aren’t hiking up their prices, a fresh bouquet in the UK will set you back, on average, £50. Triple that for the average cost of a wedding bouquet. 


Real house plants aren’t much better when it comes to value for money. And what’s worse is that the pressure is then on to not accidentally kill something you’ve paid a lot for. 


Our reasonably-priced and realistic faux stems won’t break the bank – or your heart – because they’ll never die on you.  


6. They don’t attract insects


Move a real house plant into your home and it’ll likely invite some unwanted guests.  


Fungus gnats and fruit flies are attracted to moist soil, in which they lay their eggs. These eggs will then hatch and the gnats will feed off your indoor plants. So the surge of flies in your home could be due to your plants. 


You can avoid this problem altogether by choosing fake foliage.


7. They’re safer


As well as attracting insects, some plants and flowers can pose other risks, especially for pets or children. Some seemingly innocuous plants can be poisonous if ingested – or even simply touched. Certain species of lily, for example, are toxic to dogs and cats. 


8. Positioning is a non issue 


Where you place a real plant has to be dictated by sunlight. Not enough of it and your plant will die prematurely. 


With fake plants, you have free rein with positioning and location. So if you want to place your artificial palm in a shady corner to liven up the space, you absolutely can!


9. They’re attainable no matter where you live


With faux stems, you don’t have to rely on a plant that’s regionally available. Live in the UK but love the look of eucalyptus stems? No problem! Love the skimmia plant but worried it won’t thrive in the UK’s climate (when its natural habitat is The Himalayas and East Asia)? Simply choose a faux skimmia stem instead! 


Faux plants are an excellent option if you live in an extreme climate. You don’t have to limit yourself to plants native to that region.

10. They don’t limit your freedom


Having a house full of plants means that whenever you travel, you’ll need someone to come and care for them. You don’t want that extra organisational hassle (and sometimes added cost) in the lead up to your holiday.


There’s zero upkeep with faux flowers. You can be out of the house as much as you like and still come home to vibrant-looking plantlife on your return. 


11. Faux or real, plants make us happy


Numerous studies have shown the positive effects plants have on us. Yes, some of this is to do with ridding our air of toxins and of course, that’s a job for a fresh plant. However, we can also get a wellbeing boost from beautiful fake foliage and flowers, simply from looking at them. The presence of faux stems in the home still has the ability to induce positive feelings.

. . .


At Pretty Little Home, we stock a wide range of gorgeous, realistic faux stems and flowers that rival the real deal. Don’t forget to check out our other home decor products that’ll make your house a home. Follow us on instagram @pretty_little_home for home decor styling tips. 

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