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5 Reasons Glass Soap Bottles Are Better Than Plastic


5 Reasons Glass Soap Bottles Are Better Than Plastic

By now, most of us recognise that we must do more to protect our planet. There are myriad ways us as individuals can do our bit. Adapting to more sustainable ways of living is one. Though it may seem small, recycling as much as possible and using less plastic in everyday life plays an important part in achieving global sustainability goals. 

To help with this, Pretty Little Home stocks a wide range of glass alternatives to plastic containers. Our refillable glass soap bottles are a fantastic choice for your home, not solely because they give your bathroom a boost. So why else?:


  1. Glass soap bottles are more sustainable


Producing glass is not without environmental cost, but it’s still the more environmentally-friendly option over plastic. 


Many of the products we buy for our homes come in single-use plastic containers. Some of us may reuse them but most of us throw them away. Plastic can only be recycled a finite number of times, after which it ends up in landfill, so continuing to buy plastic contributes to this problem. 


Of course, you reuse your plastic soap bottles, but this is not without issue either (see third point). A refillable glass bottle is the better and more sustainable option in the long run. (And you don’t have to buy new plastic bottles of soap to refill them either. Take a look at our article here which discusses options for refills).

2.Glass containers are more economical in the long run 

Soaps, lotions and other toiletries can sometimes cost the earth, depending on the brand.

When you buy these items in their plastic bottles, much of what you’re paying for is the packaging and brand name. It’s often the reason well-known perfume bottles are so expensive, not because of the perfume itself but its iconic container. 


Sticking with glass soap bottles and refilling them with soap from an unfussy refill container (and a sustainable one too) will save a few pennies as you’re not paying for fancy packaging. 


3.They’re also more hygienic than their plastic counterparts


Did you know that your plastic bottle could be affecting your soap – and vice versa? Studies show that plastic bottles release thousands of harmful chemicals and also absorb the chemicals from the substance they contain.

This means that if you reuse your plastic lotion or soap bottle, it’ll likely affect the scent of the new substance as it’ll have absorbed remnants of the old.


There’s no such problem with a glass container as it’s non absorbent and easily washable, making it a cleaner option.

4.Glass is super stylish


There’s no two ways about it, glass looks infinitely more elegant than plastic.

It’s for this reason that people choose to decant their olive oil and balsamic into glass pourers rather than have the plastic bottle sitting out on the surface. 


5.Glass bottles make great gifts


House warming present, birthday or Christmas gift, a set of stylish glass soap bottles are guaranteed to be warmly received. Plus, while everyone else is handing over the standard flowers, chocolates, or bottle of wine, your gift will stand out as something more unique and thoughtful!


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