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6 Common Mirror Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


6 Common Mirror Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


So much more than a reflective surface in which to check your hair, the humble mirror has wide-ranging benefits in the home (more on this in our article here). 


However, you can’t just hang them anywhere. Get mirrors wrong and you could be ruining your home’s ambiance, creating hazards, or even disrupting your sleep!


Here are the most common mistakes people tend to make when placing mirrors in their home:


Mirror Mistake #1: Mounting a mirror above your fireplace


Yes, there’s a harmony to be found in placing a mirror above a fireplace (it’s about the balance of the fire and water elements). However, this harmony only really exists if your fireplace is 160 cm or under.


Placing a mirror above a tall fireplace renders it not only practically redundant but it’ll also reflect the less desirable elements of the room: the ceiling, a bare wall, a door frame. This will ruin the aesthetic of the space.


If you have a tall fireplace and want to fill the wall above, opt for artwork instead.


Mirror Mistake #2: Always hanging a full-length mirror


Choosing to not hang a large mirror doesn’t mean you’re being lazy, it actually means you’re being logical!


Not all mirrors are meant to be mounted on the wall. A full-length mirror leaning against a wall creates the same impact, adds depth and can also look like a relaxed and unique feature piece. 

Mirror Mistake #3: Hanging a mirror opposite your bed


Did you know that a mirror opposite your bed could actually disrupt your sleep? Because of how they reflect light, a mirror opposite your bed (or above it) could bounce more light around the room and therefore not allow for a restful environment.

Mirror Mistake #4: Placing it opposite your front door


Feng Shui experts don’t recommend placing a mirror across from your front door as it’s bad luck. According to Feng Shui practices, mirrors should be connected to setting intentions and expanding opportunities. 


A mirror opposite a front door, however, is seen as diminishing opportunities as it reflects the good energy of the natural world back out of your home. Instead, place the mirror perpendicular to your front door. 


What’s more, a mirror opposite your entrance way can be a little off-putting for visitors (not ideal if you’re trying to sell your house). 


Mirror Mistake #5: Not considering reflections


Sometimes, we hang mirrors without thought for what they’ll show us. When you mount a mirror, consider where the most-viewed angle will be and then what the mirror will be reflecting. 


If it’s a natural view outside the window or a beautiful element of the room, then great! If it’s the TV or some cracks in the ceiling, not so great. 


The purpose of your mirror is to enhance the room, not distract from it. 

Mirror Mistake #6: Putting mirrors in the kitchen


Again, the Feng Shui guidelines have something to say about this. Mirrors in the kitchen are thought to reflect negative energy. (But also, a mirrored backsplash could just end up looking grubby.)


Instead, the dining room is the perfect place for mirrors of all kinds. As an occasion room, go for a large, ornate occasion mirror to dress the space up. 

. . .

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