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Nothing Says Autumn Like Decorative Pumpkins


Nothing Says Autumn Like Decorative Pumpkins


Come early October, it’s pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere. If we’re not using decorative pumpkins in our homes, we’re ordering pumpkin-spiced lattes at Starbucks or stewing the gaudy vegetable for soup. But what’s the deal with pumpkins anyway?

Here’s a round up of our favourites.

Why are pumpkins synonymous with autumn?

The association comes from across the pond. Stateside, pumpkins have been eaten for centuries and are a symbol of the harvest.

However, once upon a time in America, they weren’t objects of desire. Pumpkins were ubiquitous, grown easily and everywhere. Resultingly, they weren’t viewed as a delicious foodstuff. Eating them was seen as a last resort or only for the poor. In fact, ‘pumpkin eater’ was a derogatory term used for poor, ignorant farmers. 

Later, in the 19th century, when people moved to the cities, pumpkins became a nostalgic, romanticised symbol of a past, bucolic life. This inspired a trend of having decorative pumpkins dotted throughout your home and garden each autumn – a trend that continues to this day. 

So, how can you incorporate the humble yet nostalgic pumpkin into your autumn home decor? With Pretty Little Home’s gorgeous fall homewares, is how!

Our favourite decorative pumpkin pieces for an autumnal home


Large, ceramic pink pumpkin


Make a cute autumn statement in your home with our large, pink ceramic pumpkins. They’re perfect for autumn dinner parties as gorgeous table centrepieces or for enlivening side tables


In soft pink (as opposed to garish orange with Halloween associations), these cute, decorative pumpkins complement most interior schemes. 


Buy a large, decorative pumpkin as a stand-alone piece or choose some of our small ceramic pumpkins to complement and dot alongside them. 


Stoneware pumpkin mugs



Our ceramic pumpkin mugs are not only a delightful addition to any shabby chic home, but they’re also durable and long-lasting, being made from non-porous stoneware. 


We stock a variety of colours from mint green to speckled white with textured finishes that resemble real pumpkins. All are the perfect size for wrapping your hands around on a crisp autumn morning!


Our high-quality, glass pumpkin mugs are a pretty alternative to ceramic. Hand blown, they feature delicate detailing and make the perfect autumnal birthday gift. 


Check out our article here on practical ways to organise your mugs, in keeping with your home decor. 


(*Our pumpkin mugs are always hugely popular. We’re offering you the chance to preorder now for delivery mid September. 

Glass pumpkins



Our elegant glass pumpkins give a subtle nod to Cinderella. Inject some fairytale magic into your home with these gorgeous whimsical ornaments.


Choose our glass jar bundle and fill them with autumnal objects such as pine cones or dried fruits and spices. Alternatively, gather tea lights in bright fall colours for timeless rustic charm.

Ceramic pumpkin jar



Spice up your kitchen worktops with these statement, ceramic pumpkin jars. Forgo the old classic biscuit tin in favour of something a little more festive!


Ours come in various sizes. The large jars are ideal for storing sweets, biscuits or other cupboard staples like teabags (your tea bags never felt so stylish!). 


The smaller pumpkins can be purely decorative or use them to keep console tables tidy. 


. . .


For more tips on where to place your decorative pumpkins and how to style them, head over to our Instagram: @pretty_little_home.  

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