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All Hail the Hallway: Hallway Decor Ideas That’ll Transform Your Home


All Hail the Hallway: Hallway Decor Ideas That’ll Transform Your Home

We sometimes forget that the hallway is a room in itself – and an important one at that! Your hallway is the first introduction to your home so let it make a good impression. A good hallway sets the tone for the rest of the house.

So, tidy away the shoe piles, keep that welcome mat clean and come to view your hallway as more than just a connecting passageway.

But how do I decorate my hallway, you ask? What furniture do I use? Where do I even begin? Don’t worry, we’re here to explain!

The hall of mirrors

Ok your hallway might not resemble the Palace of Versaille. Nor might you want it to look like the famous fairground attraction. However, mirrors in hallways make a huge difference and help create the illusion of space. (More on why mirrors are great in your home, here.)

Positioned correctly, they also provide little glimpses into other rooms. The hallway gets to share the interesting decorative elements of another room via the c reflection.

However, be careful not to place the mirror directly opposite your front door as this is bad luck!

Consider the walls

What about underneath those mirrors? Hallway colour schemes are important. Go for warm or light colours on the walls to create a welcoming atmosphere. Patterned wallpaper or wall-mounted art will also give your hallway character.

Don’t forget furniture

If space allows, a console table or sideboard is perfect in the hallway for keys, post or a big bouquet of flowers. And just like a good lamp, a console table can be the ultimate accent piece.

(More info on console tables and how to make them work for you, here.)

Alternatively, a stool, bench or a side table like this one makes a great platform for a large plant.

Glow up!

Most hallways don’t have much natural light, they have to borrow it from the other rooms. So decent hallway lighting is key. When done right, hallway lighting can transform a dull space into a warm and inviting one.

Create a gentle glow and ambience with warm wall lights or table lamps (space permitting). Or for a more modern home, go for contemporary pendant lights (which can create dramatic effect if you choose a statement lamp.)

Opt for uplighting where possible as this will help narrow hallways feel less dark and cramped.


In narrow hallways especially, shelving can be an excellent space-saver. If you don’t have a hall cupboard, a set of shelves or units raised off the ground keeps the floor clear and provides a neat home for shoes (as well as coats, if you attach a hanging rail).

But shelving in a hallway can also have a more decorative purpose. By using it to display plants, ornaments or old books you add interest to the space.

. . .

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